Blog devoted to the forgotten and nearly forgotten comics of yesteryear maintained by comedy obsessives Geoff Collins and Aaron Neathery.
Includes information about Pat and Patachon, possibly the very first internationally famous comedy team!
Entertaining, informative, and thorough site devoted to The Boys.
Jaime Brotherton's loving tribute to Wheeler, Woolsey, and, above all, Dorothy Lee.
John McElwee's indispensable classic film blog.

C&McC video available."Clark and McCullough: Inspired Madness" Titles: The Druggist's Dilemma, Fits In a Fiddle, Alibi Bye Bye. $19.99

I discovered C&McC in Maltin's "Movie Comedy Teams" book. 'nuff said!
Salvaging soundtrack discs from Vitaphone shorts and features. In many cases, these discs are the only surviving elements of these films.
Two C&McC videos available for $19.98 each. Titles: Jitters the Butler, Kicking the Crown Around, In a Pig's Eye, Odor In the Court, Fits In a Fiddle, Love and Hisses

Laughsmith Entertainment

Produced the two finest classic comedy DVD sets I've seen yet; Industrial Strength Keaton and The Forgotten Films of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. An Arbuckle documentary is in the works.

Looking for Mabel Normand

Marilyn Slater's tribute to the First Lady of silent comedy.
Introducing the most obscure comedy team of all time; Soupy Farnsworth and Bobby Katz! Includes rare interviews, press clippings, and sound files!