below: stills from In A Pig's Eye (1934)

additional material by Rich Finegan and Dave Stevenson


Two Flaming Youths (The Side Show)-1927-d. John Waters- 55 minutes.


Clark and McCullough in the Interview- 1928- one reel.

Clark and McCullough in the Honor System- 1928- one reel.

The Bath Between-2/17/1928-d. Ben Stoloff- two reels.

The Diplomats-2/17/1928-d. Norman Taurog- four reels.

Waltzing Around-1928-d. Harry Sweet- four reels.

In Dutch-1928-d. (?)-two reels.

The Main Bout-1928-d. (?)-two reels

Clark and McCullough in Holland-1929-d. Norman Taurog- five reels.

Belle of Samoa-12/1929-d. Marcel Silver- two reels.

Beneath the Law-1/1929-d. Harry Sweet- three reels.

The Medicine Men-3/1929-d. Norman Taurog- four reels.

Music Fiends-4/1929-d. Harry Sweet- three reels.

Knights Out-1929-d. Norman Taurog- three reels.

All Steamed Up-1929-d. Norman Taurog- three reels.

Hired and Fired-1929-d. Norman Taurog- three reels.

Detectives Wanted-1929-d. Norman Taurog- three reels.

Fox Movietone Newsreel-1930-one reel.


Chesterfield Celebrities-12/1931-one reel commercial short.

Such Popularity-1/1931-one reel.


A Peep in the Deep -9/1/1930-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

False Roomers-10/10/1931-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

A Melon-Drama-10/24/1931-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

Scratch as Catch Can-11/6/1931-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

The Iceman's Ball-8/12/1932-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

The Millionaire Cat-10/21/1932-d. Mark Sandrich-two reels.

Jitters the Butler-12/30/1932-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

Hokus Focus-3/3/1933-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

The Druggist's Dilemma-5/5/1933-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

The Gay Nighties-6/23/1933-d. Mark Sandrich- two reels.

Kickin' the Crown Around-8/4/1933-d. Sam White- two reels.

Fits in a Fiddle-10/21/1933-d. Sam White- two reels.

Snug in the Jug-11/2/1933-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.

Hey Nanny Nanny-1/12/1934-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.

In the Devil Dog's House-2/2/1934-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.

Bedlam of Beards-4/13/1934-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.

Love and Hisses-6/8/1934-d. Sam White- two reels.

Odor in the Court-8/2/1934-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.

Everything's Ducky-10/19/1934-d. Ben Holmes-two reels.

In a Pig's Eye-12/28/1934-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.

Flying Down to Zero-4/19/1935-d. Lee Marcus- two reels.

Alibi Bye Bye-6/14/1935-d. Ben Holmes- two reels.


The Goldwyn Follies-1938 (Clark solo)-d. George Marshall- 120 minutes.