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Autographed portrait of Bobby Clark circa 1932.

Bobby Clark in an ad for Williams Shaving Cream promoting his appearance in Mexican Hayride.

Another ad for Williams Shaving Cream featuring Bobby Clark.

This is a good luck charm once owned by Paul McCullough. It depicts his yacht "The Rambler". These images were graciously donated by Paul Brick.

The rear-side of McCullough's good luck charm.

Bobby signed this autograph six months after his partner's suicide (March 25th, 1936).

Autographed portrait from 1939.

Autographed portrait from 1942.

Autographed newspaper clipping.

1947 magazine ad for Sweethearts donated by Craig Gustafson.
Sheet music from the personal collection of Craig Gustafson.

Promotional matchbooks for Bobby's appearance in The Goldwyn Follies (1938)

Can you spot Bobby among this group of top TV comics from 1951?
Bobby Clark in a late 1950s magazine ad for Smirnoff.
Image courtesy of Ruth Muldrew.
Image courtesy of Ruth Muldrew.
Bobby Clark onstage with Abbott and Costello in Streets Of Paris (1939).
A billboard in front of the Palace, NY, advertising Clark and McCullough's Fox Movietone series (1928).
Drawing of the team by Aaron Neathery.
Clark and McCullough in 3D. Find your old 3D glasses for this...
Clark and McCullough in the early 20s.
Bobby Clark in As The Girls Go (1949). Contributed by George Willeman
Bobby Clark in The Rivals (1942). Contributed by George Willeman.
Bobby Clark in The Would-Be Gentleman (1946). Contributed by George Willeman.
An extremely rare autographed photo of Paul McCullough.
An autographed newspaper clipping (1952)
Cartoon by Hirschfeld heralding the Broadway opening of Strike Up the Band (NY Herald Tribune, Jan. 12, 1930).
Clark and McCullough in Strike Up the Band (1930).
Clark and McCullough with Ferdinand Munier and Eddie Baker in Kickin' The Crown Around (1933)
Clark and McCullough in an unknown show, mid-20s.
Lobby card for Odor In the Court (1934)
Lobby card for Odor In the Court (1934)
Lobby card for Odor In the Court (1934)
Lobby card for Odor In the Court (1934)
Lobby card for Odor In the Court (1934)
Lobby card for Flying Down to Zero (1935)
Publicity still for Clark and McCullough In Holland (1929)
Bobby Clark in unknown play, early 40s. I'd say this is from Love For Love or The Rivals, but Bobby is wearing his greasepaint glasses, something he never did for period plays.
Signed clipping for The Would-Be Gentleman (1946) featuring a photo from his critically acclaimed letter-writing scene.
Poster for RKO's 1949 reissue of Kickin' The Crown Around (1933).
Still from the post-1932 RKO Clark and McCullough title sequence. Paul is about to make a grab for Bobby's cigar, a bit of comic shtick held over from Strike Up the Band..
Cover of a handbill for Monkey Shines, a burlesque revue produced by Clark and McCullough sometime in the early 20s..
Interior of Monkey Shines handbill.
Back of Monkey Shines handbill. The production was apparently an attempt on the part of Clark and McCullough to franchise their comedy. George Shelton and Al Tyler imitated Clark and McCullough respectively. See the review of the show in the McCullough Scrapbook.